Baltimore’s Big 12 with Diane Lyn

12 great songs, one great year. It’s the Big 12 at noon!

Diane Lyn will play Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Brittany Spears, Celine Dion and more.  Is it all girl acts?  Nope!  Guess the year from the hint below. The Price Is Right Game Show airs it’s […]


Test your Pop Culture knowledge, guess the year featured on the Big 12!

Diane Lyn with a couple of clues on year that will be featured: At noon, you will hear: Jimmy Buffet, Alan O’Day, Debbie Boone, Steve Miller Band and more. Plus, these guys had the biggest […]


A flashback to the 80’s on the Big 12. Guess what year…

Turn it up in lunchroom for: David Lee Roth, Heart, John Parr,Madonna, Dire Straits and many more.  Diane Lyn has fun songs on the Big 12 at noon.  The pic below will give you a hint […]


What year is featured on Big 12? Take a look and make a guess!

With your lunch, Diane Lyn has a side of artists:  Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, John Mayer and more on the Big 12 at noon.  So what’s the year? Your hint: Maryland Terrapins win the […]


Big 12 features a big year at noon!

Diane Lyn serves up the biggest artists for your lunch hour. You will hear Madonna, Brittany, Backstreet Boys, Faith Hill, N-Sync and many others.  Check out the pic below and guess what you will be featured […]


The Big 12 spotlights The Big 80’s. Guess what year?

Diane Lyn will play…this….year at noon on the Big 12.  Can you guess what year from the picture below: Cher and Nicolas Cage star in Moonstruck.  The year is…..