Valentine’s Reads: When Love Needs Help

Finding a Valentine isn’t always easy. Keeping one can be even harder. For those who are alone, or those who just feel alone, this Valentine’s Day we’ve pulled together some of the best books to […]



Tweet Beat: Wise Words From Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Drake, Diddy And More

Some stars Tweet to talk to their fans. Some stars Tweet to tell you what they’re up to in pictures, links, and opinions. And some stars Tweet words of wisdom. We scrolled through and selected […]


When your best friend's complaints about her fiance make Charlie Sheen look like a nice guy, what should you do? Ask Penny!

When Friends Worry in Unison

Last week, Penny answered a question from “Concerned” about her friend Abby who has a body image issue. All of Penny’s readers flooded her inbox with support for Abby and her concerned friends, but this response stuck […]



Healthy Weight Loss or an Unhealthy Body Image?

Dear Penny: Help! I have discovered the Incredible Shrinking Woman! She is my best friend from high school, Abby. Abby was overweight in high school, but she had a great attitude- she was always positive […]



When Friends Care Causes More Stress

Well hello there faithful readers! Penny here!  I have something to share with you- a confession of sorts. I don’t write my advice column alone. I receive your questions; look them over for appropriate material […]


Positivity Is Infectious

Dear Penny: “I can’t take it any more! I am a mother of four and my kids love their grandmother, my mother-in-law, very much. We have a great relationship overall. I take the kids over […]


Household Woes Grow Complex With A Long Commute

Dear Penny: My husband and I have a daily commute to work that is over an hour long each way, and now that we have had our first child, it’s making juggling time much more […]


My Coworker Wears Too Much Perfume

Dear Penny, I can’t take it anymore! Everyday, I come to work cool, calm a collected. I love my job and I am a hard worker. There is just one problem. We work in small […]