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Should We Do 80’s Weekend…Again?

We want your input on the 80’s weekend we just had. What did you think?


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80’s Weekend On Lite FM

All weekend, we will feature the best songs from the 80’s.  We’d love to hear what some of your favorite 80’s tunes are. Leave a comment below.  Here are some of my favorite…in no particular […]


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No Doubt Want To Write The Perfect Prom Song

“‘We gotta write the prom song, come on!’ You know? That feeling of that slow dance,” Gwen Stefani says of the band’s new album.


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101.9 Lite FM Special Announcement

In every aspect of life, you have to keep things fresh and exciting.  It’s no different at your favorite radio station.  Something is happening this weekend on 101.9 Lite FM.  We think you’ll like it.