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Most Popular American Idols of All Time.

  Billboard Magazine  has put out the top 24 Idols of all time based on  Cd sales, digital downloads, radio airplay  etc……  click more for the list.          


Lindsay Lohan to Play a Porn Star?

  Lindsay Lohan has landed the lead role in an independent movie about 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace, one of the film’s producers said.         


Actress Lynn Redgrave Dies

  Actress Lynn Redgrave, ,died Sunday, May 2, 2010. She was 67.    Click more.    


Melissa Etheridge Breakup.

  Melissa Etheridge is in the news today because of her split with her wife of nine years, Tammy Lynn Michaels.     


Cant Sleep. It Could be Your Cell Phone!

Can’t sleep? The problem could be your cell phone.               Click more.


Daughtry! Jimi’s Lite Fm Star of the Day.

The only thing keeping pace with the growing number of miles on Daughtry’s tour bus has been the band’s list of achievements.                                           


Go ahead. Take a nap. Its good for you.

Go ahead take a nap.


Happy St Patricks

St. Patrick used to use the shamrock to explain the trinity-the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit-when he persuaded the Irish to Christianity.