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Straight No Chaser Expands Beyond Christmas!

We love Straight No Chaser when they sing at Christmas but they have expanded. Listen to them sing Jason Mraz, I’m Yours.          


How Long Does It Take Star Atheletes To Make What You Make?

   This will probably make you mad but, ESPN devised a way of calculating how long it takes pro athletes to make the same amount you make in a year.          


New Movies This Weekend.

Movies this weekend include Iron Man 2 and when opens tonight, it’ll be playing in 4,380 theaters. That’s the widest ever. Until now the record-holder was The Dark Night. Click more for the preview          


Seperated at Birth? Does Steadman have a twin?

Oprah’s friend Steadman has a twin.     Are they seperated at birth?   See who. Click more.       


Taylor Swift. Big Time Cover Girl..

  Taylor Swift has been tapped to be the new face of CoverGirl.  Click more to read:   


Soldiers Recreate Lady Gaga Video

So what do you do when you are in Afganistan in the 82nd Airborne Division to distract yourself from the battle.    Click more to find out.  


Jimi’s Lite Fm Star of the Day!

Hall and Oates in the spotlight. Read more and see Baltimore concert dates when you click “more.”       


Who has the best Hollywood body?

Who has the best body in Hollywood?