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New Trendy Hotel In Baltimore Opens

The Hotel RL Baltimore at the Inner Harbor, is another boutique hotel. That means a non traditional type atmosphere. What can you expect from RL? Nothing you are used with standard lodging…

Today’s 101.9–08/04/2015

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Country Icon Reba McEntire Seperating From Narvel Blackstock

Reba and her husband Narvel Blackstock of 26 years, are separating.


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Ravens First Open Practice For 2015 Tonight

Go Ravens begins tonight. What time is the practice, where and what will be happening?

Today’s 101.9–08/03/2015


Emojis For Baltimore On Your Phone

The fun icons we use to express ourselves on our Smartphones will be available soon with Baltimore symbols!

Today’s 101.9–07/30/2015

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How To See The Blue Moon On Friday

When to look for the Blue Moon in Baltimore?

Today’s 101.9–07/30/2015

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What’s Blooming At Belvedere Farm In Harford County?

What’s Blooming At Belvedere Farm In Harford County?

Today’s 101.9–07/29/2015

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Ladew Gardens: Floral, Fountains And Fabled

This beautiful gem is one of Harford County’s biggest tourist attractions, Ladew. Placed on the National Register Of Historic Places, Ladew is a destination. My husband and I visit during the three seasons, every one is different. From the tulips in Spring, to Summer’s bountiful foliage and Fall’s amazing color. Spend an hour or part of the day, strolling 22 acres of flowers and topiary gardens. There is now a butterfly house! For times, schedules, floral information and more go to: http://www.ladewgardens.com My photo gallery of a recent self guided tour.

Today’s 101.9–07/27/2015

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Historic Ellicott City Gets Free WiFi For Visitors

How about free WiFi as you stroll down Main Street in Ellicott City?

Today’s 101.9–07/22/2015

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What Does Your “Ice Cream Personality” Say?

Your flavor can reveal your personality. Mine is chocolate, what is yours?

Today’s 101.9–07/21/2015

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Take A Dip On Maryland’s Ice Cream Trail

July is National Ice Cream Month! The Maryland Ice Cream Trail consists of eight dairy farms across the state that produce and sell ice cream directly to consumer.

Today’s 101.9–07/20/2015