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Katy Perry In DC This Week

I heard Katy’s show in DC was really good. Then, I wonder about her Icon status.


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Where Were You When Michael Died

JFK, Space Shuttle, Reagan getting shot…you’ll always remember where you were. Same for the death of Michael Jackson.


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Crush Davis Makes Camden Yards Crazy

Last night was a game/season changer at Camden Yards.


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Weird Things Your Boss Asks You To Do

Has your boss asked you to do something you are not comfortable with. You have to see some of these responses.


Jeremy Meeks. (AP Photo/Stockton Police Department)

Okay, He’s Hot; But Support Him Or Jail Time?

Are they less of a criminal because they are hot?


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Are We Responsible For What Kids Do This Summer

How do we fill up the summer schedule? Do we need to? It was different when we were kids.


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Father’s Day Dad Is Worth His Weight Around House

Dad is worth something around the house. Here’s how much. It might surprise you,


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Everyone’s Talking About Machado

Were Manny Machado’s actions this weekend on the right track or should he have chilled it out a little?



Today’s 101.9 Pet of the Week: Bean

Welcome to Today’s 101.9 Pet Of The Week, where we feature an adoptable, lovable pet from the Baltimore Humane Society; This week we’re featuring Bean!


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MLB All Star Game In Baltimore

Could the Baseball All Star game be headed our way?



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