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Fran Lane


(Credit: Fran Lane)

Christmas At Night With Fran Lane~

It’s that magical time of the year when we get caught up in the holiday spirit with Christmas at Night…

37 mins ago

(Credit: Fran Lane)

How’s Your Thanksgiving Bawlamerese?

Learn to sound like a true Baltimorean…

23 hours ago

(Credit: Fran Lane)

The Day Thanksgiving Became A National Holiday~

When did Thanksgiving become a national holiday?


(Credit: Fran Lane)

A Baltimore Thanksgiving Tradition~

In Baltimore, sauerkraut and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand and is a time honored tradition.


(Credit: Fran Lane)

In My Kitchen~

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It’s a tradition in our family to barbecue the bird…


(Credit: Fran Lane)

Maryland Trivia Quiz~

Test your knowledge of The Land of Pleasant living…


(Credit: Fran Lane)

How’s Your Bawlamerese?

Learn to sound like a true Baltimorean…


(Credit: Fran Lane)

President Lincoln Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey~

Each year the President pardons a Thanksgiving turkey. This Presidential tradition began in 1863 when a live turkey was delivered to the White House for the Lincoln family to feast on during the holidays. Abraham […]


(Credit: Fran Lane)

History Of The Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie~

When was the first pumpkin pie made?


(Credit: Fran Lane)

In My Kitchen~

Chicken Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food…




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