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House For Sale Next Door To VP Biden

A house next door to the Vice President is on the market. The first time Observatory Circle has had one on the market in more than a half a century! Check out the house and see who else would be your neighbor…

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Unusual Way They Select The Cherry Blossom Queen

Before researching this, I really didn’t know there was a National Cherry Blossom Queen. Read on to see how simple the selection is and the massive crown they wear.

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St. Patrick’s Day: Guinness Facts And How To Pour

Guinness, becomes very popular this time of the year.  From toasting to cooking, this Irish stout has its place on March 17.  My husband and I are using a little Guinness in our crock pot [...]

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St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock: The Legend And Ritual

The history of the clover and a crazy ritual called “drowning the shamrock”…

Today’s 101.9–03/14/2014

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Cool Irish Legends In Honor Of St. Patrick’s Day

The Irish have a lot of myths and legends, here’s a couple to have fun with!

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Hollywood Star Buys A Baltimore Hotel

The Baltimore Business Journal reports, new owners of The Inn at the Black Olive are a Hollywood actor and a local businessman.

Today’s 101.9–03/11/2014

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New Trend: Conditioner First, Then The Shampoo

My hairstylist flipped when I told her this. But the new trend is catching on, why?

Today’s 101.9–03/10/2014

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How Long To Adjust For Daylight Savings Time

Yes, it’s that time of year, when we lose an hour of sleep for the clock change. Daylight Savings Time happens at 2 a.m. Sunday. So how many “days” does it take to adjust?

Today’s 101.9–03/07/2014

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Peak Days For The National Cherry Blossom Festival

Are you ready spring and those cherry blossoms in Washington? The National Park Service predicts peak bloom days will next month on…

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Celebrate Mardi Gras In Maryland

See what’s happening today for Fat Tuesday:

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