Friends & Neighbors

JiffyLube_PeoplesBAnkIs your local church, synagogue, school, or neighborhood organization throwing a festival or fundraiser? CBS Radio Baltimore , Jiffy Lube and PeoplesBank appreciate our listeners and our community! We want to give back by showing up with The Friends& Neighbors van at your event.   The Friends & Neighbors van  travels to several neighborhoods all over Maryland. We will come to your car wash, fashion show, or charity walk. If it gives back, we will be there! You bring out the community and we will bring the music, games, prizes, and more.

We have been to some exciting places!

photo by Casi Denton

After filling out the form below, we will contact you to obtain additional information, and — if we can — we’ll visit your event with music, games and more from CBS Radio/ Baltimore …. Jiffy Lube… and People’s Bank!

Be on the lookout for the Friends & Neighbors van in your community!