Contest: Win Tickets To Cirque Italia

Cirque Italia is unique performance art at its very best. Performed on a custom water stage, your jaw is guaranteed to drop!


Tell us below what death defying feat is your favorite type of performance art and you’ll be entered to win a family 4 pack of tickets to the show!

You will be sure to witness lots of EXCITEMENT, side-splitting comedy and death defying thrills will keep everyone laughing, gasping and having more fun than ever. Some of the features include Coco the Clown from Argentina riding the WORLD’S SMALLEST BICYCLE; The Gabon HUMAN PYRAMID Troupe, Olympic Acrobats; contortion, BULL FIGHTING MATADOR ACT: ILLUSION JUGGLING Fusco Twins, Guinness Book World Record Jugglers; GENERATIONS OF CIRCUS FAMILIES SHARING TO OTHER FAMILIES TALENT FROM AROUND THE WORLD!

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