Contest: Clean Air Trivia

Take the quiz below for your chance to win a Family Four-Pack of tickets  to Port Discovery!
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How well do you know about Clean Air? Answer the trivia questions correctly and you may win a Family 4 pack of tickets to Port Discovery.

Here’s what you have to do:

(1) Go to to get your answers and to sign up for AirAlerts.
(2) Come back here, to the WLIF contest page and enter your answers (in the “additional info “field) for your chance to win!

It’s that simple! Winners with the correct answers will be randomly drawn.

(1) Clean Air Partners help raise awareness of the importance of ____  ____.

(2) Clean Air Partners provides____  ____which are emails that inform the public about current air quality.

(3) What 2 colors are the codes for bad air quality?

(4) Give one example of how you can help make a difference.

(5) May through______ is when everyone should take precaution with air quality.