Saddest Disney Movie Moments Ever

Do you like to cry at the movies? Have you shed a tear at any of these?

Grab a tissue because here’s the list of the 16 Most Depressing Disney Moments of All Time:



1.  Bambi’s mother killed by a hunter.  “Bambi”  (1942)


2.  Shadow falls into a hole.  “Homeward Bound”  (1993)


3.  Mufasa’s death.  “The Lion King”  (1994)


4.  Widow Tweed abandons Tod in the woods.  “The Fox and the Hound”  (1981)


5.  Ellie and Carl’s tale.  “Up”  (2009)


6.  Triton takes Ariel’s place as Ursula’s prisoner.  “The Little Mermaid”  (1989)


7.  Jessie gets abandoned in the “When She Loved Me” montage.  “Toy Story 2”  (1999)


8.  Trusty gets hit by a car.  “Lady and the Tramp”  (1955)


9.  Dumbo’s mom reaches through the bars of her cage to cradle him.  “Dumbo”  (1941)


10.  Nemo’s mom and siblings are killed in a barracuda attack.  “Finding Nemo”  (2003)




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