Bastille Snags ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner for ‘Oblivion’: Watch

Bastille is in the autumn of supporting its 2013 album Bad Blood. “Pompeii,” the group’s crossover hit, is the No. 1 selling digital rock single so far in 2014, and now “Oblivion,” their third U.S. single, has a music video to drum up some support as the monster that is “Pompeii” finally starts to fade.

With “Oblivion,” the members of Bastille have done the smartest thing they could possible to do rouse up press: they cast a television star as the stand-in for the band.

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And not just any television star: they’ve cast Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones.

Turner takes center stage at a demolition derby and where one would expect to hear the national anthem, she begins lip synching the song to Bastille singer Dan Smith’s voice.

It’s an interesting change of pace in the very cinematic video career, thus far, of Bastille. Generally the band seems to prefer their music videos with more of a narrative, set up as mini-features but this one is a very different kind of filmmaking. It’s a series of images and ideas, in the theoretical style of Terrence Malick, but with a lot more edits. It uses the atmosphere of a place to capture some idea, with the idea itself remaining unspoken. There is no denouement. The viewer is left to assume that this vignette continues to play, even after the cameras have left.



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