Cape May NJ: The Weird And Wonderful

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Photo credit: Diane Lyn

Photo credit: Diane Lyn

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What was discovered in Cape May? Some things we enjoy everyday and some things that have us scratching our heads!

Cape May chimneys are weird and whimsical. The chimney, pictured, was designed to keep out evil spirits.

There are some very “cool” things that were invented by the Victorians in Cape May. We still have a passion for these things today!

Bar bells were invented at the Jersey shore. The well-to-do, Victorian ladies would sit around, drink tea and quilt.  They gained extra pounds and needed exercise.  The bar bell was born.

While the men had their cigar parlors, women needed a social place to go.  The ice parlor was born.

And martini’s were invented in Cape May too!

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