Make Your Perfume Last All Day

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(Photo credit should read PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images)

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Ever sprayed too much perfume? Yes! How about how to make the fragrance linger longer? Really cool tips. Read on….

So you were heavy-handed on the perfume? Here’s what you can do…use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball over the area. Just dab the area with alcohol to dilute the solution and make it evaporate.

But here are a few tips on how make your perfume last longer!

Spray your hair is one, and I have done this. It works because your hair is more porous.

Another tip is to spray the hem of your dress. I’ve never tried this, but it works because the fragrance rises through your body and moves when you walk.

Get to it, girls!

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