Father’s Day: Dad Is Worth His Weight Around House

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Credit:  Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

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Everyone thinks dad sits around the house not doing much except watching Will Ferrell movies on TBS.

Well, guess what?  Looks like dad’s worth something around the house.

In fact, dads do $24,103 worth of stuff around the house.  Wait, am I starting to sound defensive?  So, what does dad do to add up to the 24 grand?  He’s a plumber and handy man.  Right, do mention plumber.  Does anyone in the family, other than dad go elbow deep in the toilet when that little flapper thing is broken?  Nope…just dad (I know..defensive).  Dad is also a car mechanic, builder, pest control worker, taxi driver, cook, and groundskeeper.

This is all according to a new study from insure.com.  So, hats off to dad this Father’s Day.  Treat him well.  :)

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