Everyone’s Talking About Machado

Whoa!  It seems everywhere I turn today people are bringing up Manny Machado’s name.  He’s everywhere…my kid’s school, the store, work, even at my bank.  Machado made national headlines Friday and Sunday with his reactions to how the Oakland A’s played against him.  He got upset at a “tough” tag and being thrown at when batting.  Did he over-react?  That’s what everyone is talking about.  I think maybe he did…especially on the tag play at third.  But, when a ball is headed at your ‘fragile’ knees at 90 mph, you might wonder if the other team has it for you.  Should he have thrown his bat?  (Which, by the way, he started swinging basically when the catcher had the ball.) Probably not.  I’m sure the league is going to look at that incident.  So, a note to Manny.  We love ya.  Focus that negative energy in making the incredible plays you usually do.  Forget the drama.  There’s only one guy in baseball that has the phrase attached to him…”Manny being Manny.”  Don’t let that be you.

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