What’s All The Buzz: Maple Water

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Remember coconut water was the in-thing to drink, for nutrients and to even help with a hangover. Well maple water could be the new cure all. Read on…
Maple water has been used for over 300 years! New brands of maple water brands like Seva, Vertical, and DRINKmaple available soon in your store.

Ok, here’s a lesson on maple water. When we think of maple, we think of pancakes and donuts. Actually, maple water is the healthy part of the substance. If the maple is not boiled down to make syrup, it can be nutritious. The maple water flows from the ground and travels up the maple tree. There it gets infused with sugar, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

Maple water vs coconut water…maple is one-third of the calories and just five grams of sugar.

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