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Relaxation Station

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Why is it so hard for us to relax these days? It seems as though we are perpetually in motion…especially if we have kids. A working parent needs to juggle work, home life, school, after-school activities, etc. It seems as though we would welcome some down-time.

However, I find it difficult to “turn off” my brain and just relax. I tried to do just that Sunday. I told myself that I was taking the day off from life’s responsibilities (chores,etc). I only made it until 1:30 in the afternoon, then I felt so guilty for just relaxing. Then I started in on all the chores. As soon as I began folding clothes, my puppy apparently thought I should be relaxing because he jumped on the bed and flopped down right in the middle of the pile of unfolded clothes.

Do you take time to smell the roses?

I am going to try harder to make a little time for myself. I hope you will do the same.

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