Daily Dilemma

Today on the morning show, our Daily Dilemma came from a woman in Bel Air who wanted us to take a poll about her decision to put her 3-yr-old daughter in a bikini for the upcoming pool season. Her husband is adamantly opposed to the idea saying that it is inappropriate to put a two-piece bathing suit on a toddler. So we asked for listener feedback.

I was shocked at how many people called and were against the idea. Most of the callers said that it would be “sexualizing” the child. Greg and I discussed it off the air before we took the calls and we both think it is fine for the little girl to wear a bikini so the calls caught us off-guard.

So unfortunately, this time, our daily dilemma answers didn’t support the view of the person who wrote in. I wonder if she will tell her husband. Haha

If you have a dilemma, send us an email or contact us through Facebook.

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