Adam Jones Too Far?

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Credit:  Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gregpersonality Greg Carpenter
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So, Adam Jones says his opinion of people trespassing on the field during games to the press.  He was very clear on his stance.  Now, a day later, there are reports Major League Baseball is going to look into his comments, according to CBS Sports Eye On Baseball.  Was Adam direct?  Yes.  Was he over the top?  Maybe.  Does he want to hurt all fans?  No.  Yes fans are the reason players get to play, but his target was trespassers.  Security is an issue.  Yes, most fans just want to run around and get attention.  Adam has a point.  Trespassing on the field does not happen in football, basketball or any other sport.  Just my opinion, but maybe MLB can look into the issue of security instead of a player talking about it.

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