My Daughter Grows Up

My daughter is 10.  I want her to grow up.  But, I also don’t want her to grow up.  We are in line at the grocery store yesterday.  All of a sudden, while we were in line she gets this wide-eyed nervous look as she’s seeing the magazines.  She cautiously looks my way and says ‘did John Mayer really cheat on Katy Perry.’  As her dad, my heart sinks.  I don’t want her thinking or knowing about cheating.  Yes, I admit it.  I want her to stay happy, positive, and unaware of gossip and bad stuff.  I want her to keep being the kid in the softball shirt kicking dirt.  I want her to keep doing cartwheels.  I want her to be the little girl who needs help putting her hair in a ponytail.  It all happens so fast.  Thanks John  Mayer…er the magazine that published that article.

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