Most Insulting Compliment

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Credit:  CBS Radio Baltimore

Credit: CBS Radio Baltimore

Gregpersonality Greg Carpenter
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We’ve all been there.  A child will come up to you and think they are giving you a compliment when what they are really delivering you is a tough blow to the ego.  Mary Anne and I talked about this today on the show.  Her biggest compliment…er…insult was when her son jack said ‘mommy I love your belly…it’s so bouncy.’  I had one from Reese a few years back when she said, ‘Daddy, your not THAT bald.’  She rubbed my head and said,  ‘look at all the hair you have on the sides.’  Her intentions were very sweet, but it made stop and think ‘oh boy.’  Has something like this happened to you? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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