Today’s Daily Dilemma Angers 101.9 Listeners

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Credit:  CBSRadio

Credit: CBSRadio

Gregpersonality Greg Carpenter
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Today’s Daily Dilemma…which really wasn’t a dilemma…made so many people angry this morning.  Here’s the letter.

I’ve been dating a girl for three weeks who’s really cool and really attractive. But I was checking out some older pictures of her on Facebook, and she definitely used to be NOT so hot.

She was about 50 pounds heavier, and it kind of looks like she’s had work done on her face.  I’ve always kind of looked down on people who get plastic surgery, and I’m nervous she’s going to gain all that weight back.

Whenever I look at her, I see the chubbier version.  Is it bad that I’m less attracted to her now?

Taylor, 28

What do you think?  Crazy huh?  We do the Daily Dilemma every day at about 8:15 am.

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