Downton Abbey Has Returned

Finally! Downton Abbey has returned for another season. I have been waiting and waiting for this. Unfortunately, since I have to get up at 4am for the morning show, I couldn’t watch the entire episode last night. I can not wait to watch it today! I was so afraid that someone would give away some info about the episode on Facebook today so I was very cautious as I was viewing FB pages. If I even saw the show title, I would avert my eyes. Yesterday was amazing in that I watched all of season three as I was cleaning and organizing my house. I had it on two different televisions as I worked from room-to-room. I found myself texting friends when something big would happen and their response was, “Didn’t you already watch this?” Why yes, yes I did. (Haha) I found myself wanting to speak in a British accent at the end of the day and I was going over favorite lines in my head. I do believe I have Downton Abbey fever!

If you have never watched Downton Abbey, do yourself a favor and rent seasons one through three and BINGE-WATCH so you can watch season four with the rest of us!

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