2014 Back To It

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Credit:  Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

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After some time off, we are back at it.  It’s funny.  With time off you get into a certain (less stressed) pace.  When you get back to work, you realize how busy your life is from day to day.  I’ve said to myself twice already ‘I can’t believe how much I do.’  I’m not trying to be self-righteous.  I know everyone is the same way.  We get a lot done.  Right?  It makes me wonder do we like our hectic pace?  Or, do we like the vacation mode.  I wonder if sometimes we like to have the hectic pace just so we can complain about it later.  Anyway, I have to run….gotta get some work done!  While you are working don’t forget to keep us on at Today’s 101.9 or on radio.com…shameless plug!

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