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Gregpersonality Greg Carpenter
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Do you know we have Oldies and Country in Baltimore.  Get and HD radio.  Today’s 101.9 FM has free sub-channels.  So, with an HD radio here’s what happens.  101.9  is our main station playing fun songs from the 80’s to now….like we always have.  But, on an HD radio there’s 101.9–2.  101.9–2 is a New Country station playing all of the best country tunes from today.  101.9–3 is our Flashback Channel with the greatest hits from the 60’s to the 80’s.  By the way, if you already knew we had sub-channels and you were a fan of The Strip, our HD3 channel before we switched to Oldies, you’ll soon be able to find that station on 105.7–3.

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