All Things Scary: Bats, Mice, & Leggings

Halloween has me thinking of all things scary. So I began to list some of the things that I am afraid of…like bats and mice. Also, walk-thru haunted houses with strobe lights give me panic attacks! Then I started to think about some of my silly fears, like my fear of roller skating downhill and leaving my house without a skirt on.

I often wear leggings with a skirt over them and on occasion, when I have been in a rush, I have almost forgotten to put on my skirt. And that would be a nightmare because LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! Haha

Last night, I found out another fear of mine that I didn’t even know existed. My fear of visiting a costume store the night before Halloween. There were parents yelling, kids crying and lots of sweaty people. Now that’s scary.


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