Ravens Fans Are The Most Superstitious Fans

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Baltimore Ravens fans L-R Steve O'Callahan, Sean J
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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) A survey found Baltimore fans do this kind of stuff before a game…
According to the Bud Light NFL Superstition Survey.
Ravens fans rank first in the league and do these rituals before each game: Watch games with the same people (48%). We love to wear the same article of clothing (48%). Drink the same drink (36%). Plus saying a certain phrase, cheer or song (34%) to boost team performance.
Baltimore fans think that not doing their superstitions will cause their team to miss a winning field goal (25%) or touchdown (25%). Wow!
Read the rest of the “Ravens” rituals and fans from other team’s rituals: http://newsroom.anheuser-busch.com/baltimore-ravens/

(Bud Light)

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