Clifton Park’s Hidden Cottage~

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Gardener's House
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Hidden in the woods of Baltimore’s Clifton Park is one of the coolest houses in Baltimore. Surrounded by a chain-link fence and its roof collapsing, the Gardener’s Cottage in Clifton Park is a sight to behold. This is my favorite structure in the park. It is a fine example of a rural gothic cottage and was once a part of Johns Hopkins’ estate. The cottage was built between the late 1840′s and early 1850′s and is accented by a steep pitched roof and a central dormer over the door. The arches pointing towards the sky feature elaborate vergeboard (the decorative eaves). The gardener lived in the house that accented his “divine” work.

Despite the cottage’s current condition, it still appears to have good bones and the vergeboard is in amazing shape. I am hoping that its restoration will be part of Clifton Park’s master plan.

Clifton Park

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