Changes In Old Towson

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Gregpersonality Greg Carpenter
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There’s an old building on Susquehanna Avenue that is a small brick building.  It’s home to a natural food store and something else.  I said to my mom a new huge complex is going up in the parking lot behind that building.  I have no idea if that building will be torn down or not.  Anyway, my mom says that’s the old Towson Library. It blew me away. I said, ‘that little thing.’  It got me thinking about old Towson and how it’s, kind of, a ‘Back To The Future’ town.  Looks like there are so many projects going up where there were some classic areas like the one I mentioned.  Remember the Towson Ice House and Stebbins Anderson on York Road? That’s the area of that new construction.  And, the construction is already going on the shopping and movie theaters next to Towson Circle.

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