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Jerusalem Mill’s Blacksmith Shop~

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Jerusalem Mill
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A young boy stands mesmerized as he watches a blacksmith forge his wares at the restored 1806 Blacksmith Shop in Jerusalem Mill Village in Baltimore County. This charming, preserved village is frozen in time and allows visitors to observe life as it was in the days of our forefathers. The massive bellows that raise the fire’s temperature to forge iron were built on site at Jerusalem Mill Village. The blacksmith was probably one of the most creative men in the community. He was able to comprehend customer’s requests; conceive three-dimensionally in his mind how to make the required device; and finally execute his plan in iron. He was skilled at metalworking, had good spatial abilities, and most likely was a good communicator. He would also function as a farrier, providing shoes for horses and for other animals. The blacksmith coined the term: Strike while the fire is hot.

Jerusalem Mill

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