Spring Cleaning My Purse For Health

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Last weekend, I cleaned my closet out for spring. Now, it’s my cute Mickey purse. Did you know it’s unhealthy to have a cluttered purse? Check this out……

Expired stuff, get rid of this:

Skincare products have a 2 year shelve life.

Your make-up foundation 6-8 months and powder about 18 months.

Zit cream needs to be tossed by the expiration dates.

Mascara needs to go after 3 month.

Eye pencil are good if you keep them sharpened, up to 2 years.

Lipstick and gloss can last up to 2 years. But if it smells bad, like the lip gloss, toss it.

Nail polish go with the expiration dates. The stuff starts to separate.

(Source: Yahoo Health)

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