11 Year Olds Make Fun Of Me

This weekend, I was told I was from the 80’s by a couple of kids.  No real harm there.  It’s true.  I graduated from Loch Raven High in 1987,  I love ‘Back To The Future,’ and the 1983 O’s World Series seems like yesterday.  But, these 11 year old kids (playfully) scolded me for having an Instagram account.  Why?  To me, it’s just a place to put pictures.  But, to them, it was their world.  It was cool.  No adults allowed.  Really?  Again, it’s just pictures.  So, I asked them why is Instagram ‘so cool.’  The response from one of them was simply ‘I blocked you.’  Really?  Am I missing something?  I know, at 43, I’m a geezer and all, but is there some portal in Instagram that I don’t know about?  Some part of it that is extra cool…like an overnight rave party that parents aren’t allowed to attend.  Maybe I should just re-open my old MySpace account and never evolve.  Might be easier than being harassed by 11 year old kids. Oh….btw…get off my lawn you meddling kids!

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