2nd Best Purple Friday Ever

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AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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We’ll, now it’s crunch time.  Purple Friday is here.  The last of the season and Ray Lewis’ career.  All the hype, coverage, and excitement lead up to Sunday’s game.  Here are a few interesting things wrapped around Sunday’s big game.  There’s no particular order to these.  But I bet you’ll mention them to your friends as you watch the game.  For one, we as a country will eat 1.23 billion chicken wings.  Nasty…but yummy.  A Baltimore couple, Daisy Sudano and Jim Pellegrini, had their first date during the Ravens Super Bowl 35.  They said they’d get married when the Ravens make it back to the Super Bowl.  Guess what they are doing this weekend?  I wonder if her dress will be purple.

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