Do You Know This About Baltimore?

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Here are some interesting facts about Charm City…

The first umbrella factory in America was established in Baltimore in 1828.

The first post office system in the United States was inaugurated in Baltimore in 1774.

The first railroad station in Baltimore was built in 1830.

The first dental school in the world was founded in Baltimore in 1840.

The first telegraph line in the world was established between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore in 1844.

Baltimore was the first city to implement 311 service as a non-emergency hotline.

The first civic monument dedicated to President George Washington, Baltimore’s Washington Monument, is located in Mount Vernon.

The first successful manned balloon launch in the United States launched from Baltimore and was operated by 13-year-old Edward Warren in 1784.

 The first professional sports organization in the United States, The Maryland Jockey Club, was formed in Baltimore in 1743.

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