Your Gift Giving Style Reveals The Real You

Has anybody ever said, “you always know what to buy me.”  That’s because your gifting style is more revealing than you know.  The following is a list of different ‘gifting’ styles.  See where you fit in.

‘The Crafty Person or DI Y Person’

You are a fan of Pinterest.  You love making things homemade and you are good at it.   Your speciality: Baked from scratch items and creating something new out of something old.  Your personality: you are a homebody, with extra energy and time.

“The Lavish Spender’

You are over the top!  I would love a gift from,  the Lavish Spender.  Your gifts include dinner at only the best places, cool baubles, first row concert tickets, etc.  Your personality: You love being spoiled and want to spread the wealth.

‘The Planner’

You go into overdrive, getting it done.  You will plan months, even years ahead for that perfect gift.  Whether it is a romantic getaway, a day at the spa or football tickets, you have it planned, paid for, and ready.  Your personality:  Type A personality.  You are go-getter and always plan for the future.

I don’t know about you, but I am alittle bit of everyone featured here.  I love gift giving and making people happy.

(Source: Yahoo Shine)

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