So, Are You Ugly?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that George Clooney has nothing to worry about.  But, there is a new app that can tell you how ugly you are.  Is this fair?  Shouldn’t we spin this to the positive?  You know…shouldn’t it be ‘how cute you are?’

So, the Ugly Meter is an app that will scan your face and tell you how ugly you are.  Yea us!!  You’d think no one would buy this because who wants to be told how ugly they are.  But, makers of the app say they have already made over $500,000 off this idea.  I’m not sure my self esteem can handle this. I can’t imagine getting ready for a date, then using the Ugly Meter before I go out…not a good move.  But if you are interested….

Get the Android app here

Get the Apple app here



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