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Jerusalem Mill Village

Bare handed baseball in 1864! While visiting the historic Jerusalem Mill Village in Baltimore County you may come across a game of vintage baseball being played. When asked how this game differs from real baseball, the answer is: this is real baseball. It is a game played…

…for fun and exercise by lady and gentlemen ballists (players). In 1864: sliding and stealing are allowed; ball and strikes are called, although warnings are given first. If 3 balls are called, all players on base walk; fielders may play anywhere; the ball is pitched underhanded and delivered so that the striker can hit it; fouls count for nothing (they are not counted as a strike). These are just some of the rules. Jerusalem Mill Village really is a step back in time—especially on Sundays. It’s the perfect place for a family outing.  For more information:

Jerusalem Mill Village vintage baseball

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