Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Leave Your Wallet Heartbroken

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Valentine’s Day is full of fun, love and laughter with loved ones, friends and family. But sometimes, the gifts that come with it can end up costing more than the heart desires. Here are some ideas for some heartfelt gifts that won’t break the bank!

82206782 Valentines Day Gifts That Wont Leave Your Wallet Heartbroken

Bake Something
Nothing is sweeter than a homemade dessert, especially in the shape of a heart! As long as you have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can make a variety of desserts including Rise Krispies treats, cakes, and cookies. These little treats will be so cute that your loved one might want to put them on display rather than eat them.

Make A Collage
Pictures are the perfect way to show off your favorite memories with someone who you love. Craft stores are perfect for pretty and inexpensive poster boards and frames, where you can choose the size and designs of your collage. Make the pictures black and white, paste them in a heart shape, or find some quotes to add to your assortment and special pictures. It’s a personal and unique way to show how much your relationship means to a loved one.

Make A Candy Jar For Your Valentine
Find a cute jar from the dollar store or craft store and find a Valentine’s Day print or piece of fabric to cover the jar. Tie the lid with a pretty ribbon. On the inside, fill with small pieces of your valentine’s favorite candy. Around the wrapper of each piece of candy, tie a small ribbon that has a message on it talking about a favorite memory with that person or something about them that you love. That way, every time they pick out a piece of candy, they’ll be reminded of how special they are to you.

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