The Story Behind Snoopy’s Christmas~

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The holiday favorite Snoopy’s Christmas is one of the most requested songs on The Christmas Nite Lite. Although the song is obviously fictitious, it echoes an historical event. Click more to read the fascinating backstory of this Christmas classic…

Snoopy’s Christmas was recorded in 1967 by The Royal Guardsmen, a rock band from Ocala, Florida, composed of Bill Balough (bass), John Burdett (drums), Chris Nunley (vocals), Tom Richards (guitar), Billy Taylor (organ), and Barry Winslow (vocals/guitar).

This song takes place during World War I, and follows up on “Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron,” where Snoopy is a fighter pilot. Although the song is obviously fictitious, it echoes an historical event. During the war in 1914, “The Christmas Truce” was initiated not by German and British commanders, but by the soldiers themselves. The amount of time varied according to the area and has been reported as being anything from Christmas Day to Christmas Day through New Year’s Day. Trench-bound combatants exchanged small gifts across the lines, including beer (from Germans to British) and tobacco and tinned meat (from British to Germans). “No Man’s Land” was cleared of dead bodies, trenches were repaired and drained, and troops from both sides shared pictures of their families and, in some places, used “No Man’s Land” for friendly games of football. The song even has the initiator correct as it was generally the German soldiers who called over to the British and initiated the truce. In the song, it is the Red Baron (a German WWI hero) who extends the hand of Christmas friendship to Snoopy.

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