Which celebs are tightwad tippers?

Tiger Woods5 Which celebs are tightwad tippers?  

You would think with all of the money these celebs make, they would be better tippers. Find out who made the top 10. Click “next.”

Miami New Times put out a list of the top 10 worst celebrity tippers…

1) Tiger Woods

2) Madonna

3) Barbara Streisand

4) LeBron James

5) Jeremy Piven

6) Usher

7) Mariah Carey

8 ) Sean Penn

9) Bill Cosby

10) Rachel Ray

Tiger’s excuse….he says he does not tip since he does not carry cash. I guess he doesn’t know that you can apply tip to your credit card purchase.

Madonna recently tipped only $18 on a $400 tab.

What do you normally tip? 15%, 20% or are you a “non-tipper?”


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