Top 10 Crazy & Unique Gifts For Sports Loving Dads

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golf paula braunstein getty images Top 10 Crazy & Unique Gifts For Sports Loving Dads

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Is your father obsessed with sports? Does he watch every kind of team game with the utmost passion? Is he interested in pretty much anything that involves physical movement and strategy? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we think you know by now what that means: Your father is a sports nut.

Sure, you could get him a jug of golf balls or a sports cable package for Father’s Day. Or you could get him something completely awesome–and slightly insane. We found Ten Crazy Sports-Centric Gifts perfect for the sporty Dad who loves adventure or wants to try something new.

10. Stuff Football from Granite Gear

stufffootball Top 10 Crazy & Unique Gifts For Sports Loving Dads

If your Father is a football lover and is always down for a pick-up game, this Stuff Football is a perfect gift. It would be sort of weird to drag a ball around everywhere and that’s how this Stuff Football comes into play.

It can be folded, put in the pocket, and stuffed with anything random whenever your Dad feels like throwing a ball around.

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