The Week In Geek: Zombie Apocalypse vs. The Rapture

385zombies The Week In Geek: Zombie Apocalypse vs. The Rapture

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The end of the world, zombies, and Apple Store turns 10…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that the end of the world is coming. According to one religious group, the Rapture will happen on Saturday May 21st at around 6pm. Let’s hope they’re wrong, but if they are, we still apparently have a zombie apocalypse to deal with.

Our own U.S. government posted a Zombie Survival Guide via the CDC Emergency planning website. The CDC site recommends that you stock up on important things like plenty of water, canned foods, and bedding. Surprisingly, there’s no mention of shotguns or any type of weapons at all. Good luck fighting back that horde of zombies with water and bed sheets!

In other news:

Apple celebrates 10 years of the Apple Store

Sony’s PSN is still unsecured

Apple fans’ brains are all religous


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