Flashback Dance Party: 10 Retro Dance Jams From 1990

8. “Love Shack”-[lastm]The B-52’s[/lastfm]

b 52 nrad barket gett images Flashback Dance Party: 10 Retro Dance Jams From 1990

Photo by Bred Barket//Getty Images

Glitter on the mattress, glitter on the highway. It’s time to go-go dance until the dawn! In the world of the B-52’s if there wasn’t glitter all over everything and an absurd ’60s-style dance party in a shack that looked like Pee-Wee Herman built it, then you were doing life wrong.

We vividly remember wanting to “grow up” and become just like The B-52’s because their lives just seemed so infectiously fun.

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