Serious Dish About Stevie Nicks

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stevie nicks 5 Serious Dish About Stevie Nicks

Prince wanted to have a relationship with Stevie.  There’s more dish here….

Stevie said, when she worked with Prince on her ‘Stand Back’ song, he wanted to start a relationship with her.  She said no, for fear they would break up and never speak again.  Prince came into the recording session for ‘Stand Back’, played the keyboard part on her song and left.  FYI:  Stand Back was inspired by Prince’s “Little Red Corvette’.

During her 40’s, Stevie felt she lost 8 years of her life.  She was prescribed Klonapin after her stay in the Betty Ford Clinic, to kick her cocaine habit.  The doctor who prescribed the Klonapin, kept doing so and even upped her dosage.  She was hooked.  Stevie said she thought the doctor wasa rock and roll groupie and loved hearing her behind the scenes stories.

What is her favorite current song?   Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’.

Stevie Nicks week…so excited for her.  The new album ‘In Your Dreams’ is one of her best.  It’s her own ’Rumours’, with a little of ‘Buckingham Nicks’ album mixed in.

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