Top Ten Most Crushworthy Boy Bands From Back In The Day

1. New Kids On The Block

nkotb bryan bedder getty images Top Ten Most Crushworthy Boy Bands From Back In The Day

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Admittedly, as second graders, we don’t remember being huge fans of New Kids On The Block when they were popular. We only remember telling all our friends that we “really liked Jonathan Knight,” but don’t remember exactly why.

However, our teen-aged cousins would cut out all their pictures from Tiger Beat and Teen Heat and pin them to their ceilings. Girls would gush over New Kids On The Block like they were [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Beatles[/lastfm].

Re-watching and listening to all the old New Kids On The Block songs, we understand why. Not only were they most talented (musically and dance-wise) of the bunch, they were also the most undeniably adorable. New Kids On The Block had that special charm of actually looking like that cute kid on our block that made us blush, but that we were too scared to approach.

“You’ve Got The Right Stuff”

  • What do you remember about these boy bands? Who was your favorite boy band and why? Did we miss anyone? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments!
  • Melanie

    Yay for NKOTB being #1. As well as it should be. I have been a fan ever since 1988. Jordan was and still is my favorite. I have their posters all over my bedroom wall. I have a lot of their merchandise, including a lot of their t-shirts. Thank you for posting this.

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