Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas (page 11)

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Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

sheryl crow kris connor getty images Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas

Awesome Aquarius-Sheryl Crow: Photo by Chris Connor//Getty Images"

Although Aquarius is the notorious lone, eccentric wolf with the Sun getting busy with Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus in the sector of social networking, you are bound to be “liked” by everyone around you.

Don’t shy away from the popularity in your typical rebellious form; go out and get acquainted with these new and fascinating faces. This week, it’s all about quantity, because these people could one day get your foot in the door at a prospective workplace.

When it comes to your already close friends, keep your head low and your outlook cheery. There might be some dissent in your group because of someone that is being two-faced.

Treat her with compassion but respectful distance. She’s less likely to stab you in the back down the road.

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