The Story Behind “Marry Me”~

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Marry Me

This song is becoming incredibly popular on The Nite Lite. Check out the story behind Train’s Marry Me

This is the fourth single from Train’s fifth album, Save Me San Francisco. It’s about a guy fantasizing about proposing to a woman that he hasn’t spoken to yet.

Train vocalist and songwriter Pat Monahan explained to PopEater: “The fact that ‘Marry Me’ is more fantasy than it is ‘Hey, marry me.’ It’s ‘What if I did this?’ What if I took this chance in this love-at-first-sight moment and said, ‘Hey, I know you don’t know me and I’m just getting a coffee, but I think that we’re supposed to spend the rest of our lives together’? Wouldn’t that be incredible? Just because I think that men – I don’t know how women work, but men, the ones that I know, we tend to fall in love several times a day – with that woman who gave me that cup of coffee or ‘Did you see the producer of the show?’ We just are like that, and it’s just interesting to think that it’s got to be a universal thing among men.”

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